Want to join in on the fun from the comfort of your own home? We will now be offering a virtual alternative to give all of our members a chance to be involved in our classes offered, with the best certified instructors. Every week, a link to our classes, and activities will be sent out to you in an email. For more information you can contact the office at (302) 658-8420.



Class Instructor: Barb McAnany

This class opens with Self-Care techniques, followed by flowing Qi-Gong moves and finishes with a time of breath work and meditation to counter these turbulent times.


Class Instructor: Susan Townsend

Tai chi is an art embracing the mind, body, and spirit. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. Calming class!



Class Instructor: Jaqueline Riley

This yoga class centers on strength, mobility, and mindfulness. Modifications are offered so that everyone stays safe and can get the most benefit from the class. Meditation at the conclusion is also offered and encouraged. All levels of experience are welcome.


Class Instructor: Andria Moore

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Andria our social media technician. Classes are held every Wednesday starting Wednesday March 10th in the Teen Center. There are three time slots every week to sign up for. If you are having trouble navigating your IPhone, IPad, Facebook, Zoom, and more, these sessions are for you! Andria will be able to teach you what you would like to learn, and at your own speed! There is a sign up form inside the pool entrance. Sign-up now for targeted individual instruction!




Host: University of Delaware

Cooking is so much fun, but how about cooking with friends! Join us for a fun filled time of learning, and laughter as we join together on zoom for a Goulash cooking demo! Items will be provided in a tote for you to pick up in the office. The cost is completely free! To participate you can call the office at 302-658-8420 or email at or click on the "Get in Touch" button below to start your call. There will also be sign-up sheets posted in the pool area, fitness room, and gym. We will have a maximum capacity of 20 people! First come first serve! On Tuesday April 20th you will be able to pick up your tote for the class to take home! 

When: Wednesday April 21st 

Where: On Zoom 

Time: 11:15am

Host: Chef Jen


Host: Dietitians from University of Delaware

UD will be conducting healthy workshops to help with healthy eating habits!

Classes will be conducted:

Once a month on a Wednesday. Dates to the classes will be listed below! To register click on the "Register" button below!

Week 3- Heart Health & Nutrition

 (April 21st 9am-1-am)

Week 4- Diabetes and Exercise 

(May 19th 9am-10am)


Host: University of Delaware

The University of Delaware will be conducting a 7 week free, virtual Brain Camp beginning in March for local senior centers! This program will feature topics such as history, music, and travel. The subjects will be used to create stimulating cognitive activities and exercise. The sessions will teach you about memory loss, offer workshops that build strength and abilities, provide fun peer support and skill building, and stimulate your minds with mentally challenging activities! 

Classes will begin on Wednesday's at 1:00pm for 7 weeks beginning March 24th through May 5th. 

To register you can call the office by clicking on the "Get in Touch" button below or email the office at

Phone number: (302) 658-8420

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