Welcome to the

    Fraim Center for           Active Adults

Located inside the Fraim Boys/Girls Club in Wilmington,

the Fraim Center for Active Adults

is an independent 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization

dedicated to providing cost-effective, quality exercise and activities

for people age 50 and older.


ALL with Certified Instructors

Our indoor warm water pool is kept

at a comfortable 86 degrees.

We offer in-water exercise and movement that focuses

on helping people to stay

as healthy as possible by moving comfortably.

People who have difficulty with movement find

that water movement is so much easier for them.


Our instructors are highly skilled and caring, and focus on working with people who want to remain as active as possible.  

Some of our members are recovering from or getting ready for knee and other surgeries,

others have have arthritis and other challenges.  

We specialize in meeting challenges!

We also offer cardio workouts and strength-building,

as well as stretching and movement.  

Our activities are central to your health,

and to feeling stronger and better.

For those who never learned to swim,

we offer Adult Swim Lessons.

These Lessons are offered with your Pool Membership-

no extra cost for Lessons!

And if you swim but want to improve your strokes

or just feel more confident 

in the water, our instructor will work with you on that too.

An aquatic treadmill is available to Pool Members,

as is in-water exercise equipment and lap swimming.

LAP SWIMMING is available for those

who prefer that to classes,

--many of our members do laps on some days,

and classes on others.

Your Fraim Membership allows you to come

as often each week as you like!

Water Volleyball is great fun and great exercise. 



Our Fitness Center has updated treadmills, bicycles,

and weights. Our trained and certified staff will help you learn how to use the equipment so you use them safely and effectively.  Not sure what to do?  

We will help you figure that out!

Movement Classes include:

"Finding Your Balance" Yoga, Tai Chi,

Intervals, Blast your Abs, Zumba Gold, Pickle Ball...and more.



While our focus is on movement activity,

our members enjoy doing other things together too. 

We have workshops and presentations

by professionals related to healthy aging.

We have Mah Jongg Mondays, 

various card groups, and day and overnight trips.

We have a small group that eats lunch together

at Michael's Buffet monthly.

A Social Activity Schedule is published monthly

so you can choose for yourself.


Please call the office at 658-8420, or email us at FraimCenter@comcast.net to learn more.


Sharing our lifetime experiences, and health-based information.

Have you had a special experience you are willing to share?  

We want YOU to be part of Age/Wise!

Swim and Excercise with friendly, caring people!

Who says you cannot enjoy exercise? 

Hot Breakfasts Every Other Month

$4 and lots of great people

Member Testimonials:

Our members say it best:

Member Testimonials (Yours could be next!)


“My cardiologist said since joining Fraim, I’ve become his star patient.”  (SW)


“Since joining the Fraim Center pool, my doctor has cut

my COPD medicine in half.” – (FD)


“Fraim is the place to be yourself. A place to share conversation with members and friends. Join us! All are welcome!” – (MB)


“Since joining the Fraim Center fitness classes, I now have better balance and flexibility and my high blood pressure has dropped.” – (ST)


There are 4 types of membership at Fraim:


Pool Membership is $250 a year.


Fitness Membership is $120 a year.


Social Membership is $35 a year.  


Pickleball ONLY is $50 a year.                                                                       



Pool Members:  Use of pool and all classes both in AND out of pool.  Lap swimming and all aqua cardio, arthritis and other pool and fitness classes, aquatic treadmill, water volleyball, etc. Full use of facilities when open, and can participate in all social activities.

Fitness Members:  Can use Fitness Room with machines, and participate in as many classes OUTSIDE of POOL as you want. This includes such classes as:  Yoga, Tai Chi, Pickle Ball, Blast Your Abs, Finding Your Balance, and more.  Can participate in all social activities.

Social Members:  Use of coffee room, card groups, Mah Jongg, Pot Luck & Breakfast gatherings, holiday events, bus trips.

Our Membership Year runs from July 1 - June 30th of the following year.  When you come in to join, you pay for 12 months of  membership.  Then on July 1st your membership will be pro-rated for the second year.  For example, if you joined on September 1st your second year would be a full membership minus two months.   Our staff will explain to you your specific amount.

We accept cash and check (our preferred payment) and also major credit and debit cards.

We can arrange, at your request, to charge a Credit or Debit Card every 6 months, so you do not have to pay all at once.  Details are available when you come in.

We know for sure that keeping yourself moving and doing to the best of your ability can add years to your life and life to your years.  

Fraim is here to help!

“Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself” ~ Cicero

Contact Us:

We’d love to hear from you!

For answers to your questions, to learn more or talk about your thoughts and needs... or to set up a visit, get in touch with us today.


Administrative Staff:

Casey Husfelt, Director

Peggy Covert, Program Coordinator

Penny Payne, Office Assistant

Program/Instructor Staff:

Mary Owens-Aquatics Instructor

Barbara Macanany-Fitness & Aquatics Instructor

Faith Disipio-Aquatics Instructor



Hakim Crawford-Head Lifeguard

Ivan Obregon

Shawn Wilkinson

Matthew Backer

Non-staff, Contracted:

Yoga:       Julia Byrem:  Embodiment Gurus

                  Jacqueline Charlton: Serenity Studio 119

Zumba:   Sandy Jones: 

The Board of Directors:

Barbara Washam, Chairperson  (Retired, YMCA, also on Boys/Girls Club Board)

Iva Jean Boardman, (Retired, Head of Nursing, State of DE.)

Styna LaCompte-   (City of Wilmington) 

George Krupanski (Retired, CEO of Boys & Girls Club, State of Delaware)

Murphy Marbury (Retired New Castle County Police Officer)


669 S Union St Wilmington DE United States 19805



(302) 658-8420


(302) 468-1913

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669 S Union St Wilmington DE  19805


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(302) 658-8420

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